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                                         Bedford Truck Sales 
                Terrific starting point for all restorations 
                                     or leave in original Patina 
    All second hand vehicles purchased through ACW Truck Spares & Repairs have a general health condition test including head gasket test, compression 
test, engine noise test, water pump leakage, and oil pressure test. Diff.& gearbox reports are also given. Complete roadworthy list can be given if required.
This we believe is a better way to purchase a vehicle from start-up giving you more peace of mind for your project. 
       Bedford OL Model 
Bedford M Series 4WD MJR
              Bedford D5
      Bedford ERT Tipper
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Bedford OL Model Cab Chassis
      Bedford RLH Model
         Bedford M Model
                                                                       If you can't find what you are after
  ACW are a full custom shop and can build any Bedford truck to your requirements. Yes, any Bedford truck from any year in any configuration,
  size, weight carrying capacity tipper,van,or flat tray. Your choice of colour,speed that you require can all be included. Size, weight carrying capacity
  We supply starter projects at whatever level the customer requests right up to turnkey finished vehicles as per original or modified with 
  current technology & fully customised to suit your needs.
  We are Licenced to do Roadworthy Certificates
A Roadworthy list can be organized for the vehicles if required.
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