About Us

A.C.W. Truck Spares & Repairs can be traced back to when Warren Dodd and Billy Patiniott founded a business in 1974 called AAA Truck Repairs. They specialised in Bedford Trucks having done their apprenticeships at G.V.Clarke Motors; a Melbourne Bedford Dealer.They became well known and respected in the Truck Repair Industry as they both continued to work with G.V.Clarke Motors for a while and then other Mechanical workshops throughout Melbourne.

Over the years they had been dealing with the customers personally (many had followed them as they changed workplaces) and when the Truck Repair Shop in West Melbourne that Billy was working for went bankrupt they realised they had a ready-made customer base and with $1000.00 each and both their tool boxes they rented a place in West Melbourne and started AAA Truck Repairs which ran successfully for nine years.

In 1983 Billy left the business amicably to go out on his own and Warren continued to run the business changing the name to A.C.W. Truck Repairs, which stands for Anthony, Craig, and Warren the first names of his two sons and himself. With his wife, Marlene, as a partner and his two sons as his apprentices he continued on as a family business moving it to Ferntree Gully then ultimately to Bayswater. Forty nine years later the business has been continued on by his sons Craig and Anthony to this present day. With Warren’s in depth knowledge of working on Bedford Trucks since 1955 and Marlene still doing the books they continue to contribute to the successful running of the Business.

The business has evolved from the early years of mechanical servicing and repairs of all Trucks, Buses and Cars to pioneering various truck drive-line alterations, modifying and restoring many truck Vintage and Veteran marques. In the last 30 years the business has expanded to include Truck Smash Repairs, Chassis Corrections, Tipper and Tray Body Building, Brake Upgrades, and complete Restoration and Modification of trucks, Buses and Cars; all VASS approved, and meeting/exceeding the standards for registration.

In 2004 a separate Spare Parts Business “A.C.W. Truck Spares” was registered and established and was incorporated in the trading name “A.C.W. TRUCK SPARES & REPAIRS”

In 2006 A.C.W. Truck Spares & Repairs Anthony gained accreditation as an LPG Fitter and in January 2013, he was accepted into Vicroads Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme.

A.C.W. Truck Spares & Repairs customer base is wide & varied including Farmers, Freight Companies, Scrap Metal Dealers, Hobbyists, Film/Promotional Vehicles, Mobile Home Owners and also a completed conversion of a Mazda MX5 into an electric vehicle configuration for a private owner with full VASS approval. Engine mounting kits for fitment of various engine configurations and sizes into Truck, Bus and various adaptors for alternate gear box/ automatic transmission fitment upgrades are now available. The kits are recognised and accepted by all VASS signatories and sold worldwide with an estimated 70 vehicles converted and certified to date plus numerous kits sold.

A.C.W.Truck Spares & Repairs is a 49 year member of the VACC and also a member of the Historical Commercial Vehicle Club of Australia and regularly attends their annual display day with completed modified trucks always drawing favourable recognition for the level of workmanship and finish.