Bedford Spare Parts


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                   All parts are done on an order basis.

We offer Reconditioned, Change-Over and Recycled Bedford parts for most commercial and recreational vehicles throughout Australia.Engine conversion Kits for fitting V8 Engines into Bedfords are available.

     Delivered by courier or posted.

                  “if you have the time we will find the part”    

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The Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.), The Model No. and Year can be found on the I.D. Plates:

     The V.I.N. Plate is the small  “GM”(General Motors) plate.

                              The K.M.O Models:
The ID Plate can be found on the L/H side Firewall.

                 TA,TD & TJ. Model: [R Series 4WD]
The ID Plate is on the L/H seat base or on the side of the L/H Firewall.

               T.K.Cabin Model:(K Series)[years1960-1966]

If the cabin is original the ID plate can be found by opening the L/H door the plate is right in front of you below the passenger seat, on the L/H side Firewall and also the side of the L/H seat base.

               T.K. Cabin Model: (E & S Series)(M Series 4 WD)

                                            [Years 1967-1981].
  Open up the L/H engine inspection cover it is on the plate and on the firewall behind the passenger seat.

                                           All Other Models:

Lift up Bonnet, ID Plate is on the Firewall – L/Hand side.
There is a misconception in the TJ”Range that they are all “J” Models. The “J” Series finished in 1966
and the “C” Series started in 1967.

The chassis number is most commonly located near the left-hand front Spring “front hanger”stamped into the chassis rail facing outwards.

Some Earlier 1930s , 1940’s  and some buses can have the chassis number stamped into the chassis rail facing outwards, but around the left-hand front Spring “rear hanger”.

Also, up to around 1954, a chassis number Metal tag can be found riveted to the right hand, front chassis rail top flange near the Steering box.